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Roa in LA

How to win your girlfriend back

Roa sent us over a nice note about his LA pop-up show that popped off last Saturday night. This is Roa’s first West Coast solo show. It is presented by Thinkspace at The New Puppy Gallery.

In his own words: “It‘s already been quite an adventure; collecting all kind of trash on every corner of Echo Park, Silver Lake,…LA -except in Hollywood, there wasn’t so much fancy trash to find! The exhibit space is unique; an old Californian warehouse with an impressive architectural wooden roof structure, originally built up by the supe

How to win your girlfriend back

rmarket executive Leno LaBianca who dreadfully became –along with his wife Rosemary- victims of the notorious Manson Family Murders.”

At the moment he was still working on building up the show. We can see it all came together nicely. It’s only up until November 24th so make sure to check it out while you have a chance.

WHAT: Roa’s solo pop-up show

WHEN: November 13th – 24th

WHERE: New Puppy Gallery. 2808 Elm Street. Los Angeles, California

Photos taken from Unurth



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