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Ripo / Five Years

‘Five Years’ is a typographical study of five of the major news headlines in the US between 2005-10. As time passes, the immediate impact of such events fades away, quickly replaced by the next big thing. Regardless of our collective amnesia these events did happen and continue to resonate throughout global consciousness. These headlines are the subject matter for this work.

The soundtrack is recorded from the noises of the streets outside the studio in Barcelona where the painting was created. This juxtaposes the immediate subject matter of the painting with the actual surroundings of where it was painted, just as the reality of the American news events often juxtapose themselves starkly against the reality of the rest of world. The soundtrack refers to process. A painter in Barcelona may be as influenced by the American headlines perhaps as greatly as he is by his environment. Media and physical relation are bound in a manner that is both undeniable and difficult to quantify.

This relationship forms the basis of the work as the headlines and sounds change and influence each other.

Edited by Max Chamberlain
Text by Harlan Levey


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