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ReBaroque- Spiraling toward 2011

I’ve recently started working with ReBaroque, fine artists Rebecca Paul and Mikal Hameed’s product line. Using all recycled and sustainable materials such as vintage frames and fabrics with hand detailing, the pair have created a line of design meets art meets functional sound panels.

Each sound panel functions as a piece of art, to be hung in your living room, above your bed, or in your office, and come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles- yet each is unique. But the really cool part is, you can hook your iPod or smart device right into it, and boom, music. ReBaroque’s whole M.O. is to allow people to use their music to interact within the spaces they live or work in, and then redefine how we all think about music and our homes.

Rebecca is a realist painter and writer for sustainable design website,, while Mikal is a fine artist, known for his sound installations and involvement with the Barnstormers. With only a soft launch thus far, they’ve been gaining a ton of press and exposure, notably at the Ki sustainable design fair in San Francisco, The Wired Exhibition and store in New York and Scope Miami.Together they are unstoppable, or shall I say together WE’RE unstoppable?

For ReBaroque’s 2011 launch, we will also be planning an extremely limited artist designed series. I’m going to keep mum on our partnerships for now, but get psyched….seriously. They will be nothing short of amazing and go very quickly.
We’ve recently teamed up with photographer Jonathan Grassi for some lifestyle shots – here is a little preview!

Stay tuned for news, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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