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Cotton Candy for Tara McPherson

My roomie Tara McPherson is probably the most prolific artist I know. She paints, she designs toys, posters, t-shirts, she is constantly traveling to give lectures and book signings and conventions and and and….phew!

And now she will add “store owner” to her roster. She is turning her Williamsburg studio- which used to be a gallery space- into Cotton Candy Machine, a retail store/brand and small gallery, opening this April.

Much like her love Sean’s company with his friend Darren and Alex Pardee, Zero Friends, Cotton Candy Machine will feature Tara designed goods, like fun T-shirts, pillows and toys. But the most fun part, is now Tara will get to share her success with emerging artist friends! The store will have a small gallery space that will showcase her fave new artists.

Also in store will be tons of events: movie nights, lots of signings, and of course a real cotton candy machine! I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait to hang in the store. Add one more adventure to your list, girl!


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