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World Dictators Unite!

While the old year has been fireworked out and the new year welcomed with a bang, new years resolutions are spiraling through the chilly winter air like poetic plastic bags. I have never been a big fan of those resolutions, because I generally last only a month before I get back to old habits. Nonetheless I have my own little resolutions this year -for the first time in years- because I start to see the necessary hardships of taking care of yourself and your life, because nothing comes without a fight…and because a new year marks a new start, even if it’s just in our heads.

Our friends and NNE members Happy Famous Artists have plans and resolutions of their own and present a bizarre scenario. With World Dictators Unite they created an artificial dating site, where “the divine and divinely appointed meet.”

“World class leaders in their fields all have their common needs for human companionship met by wives, husbands,
lovers, courtesans. We decided to offer a service that fulfills their post human requirements: who can know what it is like to dictate the fate, the fashions, the art of millions except another leader? At last this need is recognized and serviced by Leadership Dating.” (HFA)

Asking questions like: “How much power do you claim for yourself, how much do you give up to live in a social group? Who is your dictator, yourself or another?” HFA premiered their newest project with the publication of 2011 dictator’s new years resolutions featuring Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Obama, Kate Moss, Charles Saatchi, and many more.
Bad Art, for Bad People a la 2011! Nothing beats artificial gossip by world leaders, when you struggle with your own resolutions.


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