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Don’t Love Me Too Much / Admir Jahic

Exhibiting for the first time in Belgium, Admir Jahic (1975) presents a relational installation as well as his latest works and select recent pieces from series created with Comenius Roethlisberger under the pseudonym, ‘The Invisible Heroes.’


From ready-made to ornamental assets, when looked upon together, the common line between these works becomes an operation that employs aesthetics to bring the viewer over the ‘do not cross,’ line and into a tender yet revealing contradiction zone; a place where old meets new, true grapples with false and the aesthetics of mythology get reassembled.

During the last four years, Jahic has exhibited in France, Germany, Kuwait, Italy, Switzerland, England and across the United States. His work has been acquired for numerous collections including the Al Sabah collection, the Thomas M. Kann collection, the Von Bartha collection, the de Puechredon collection and others.


Works shown at Harlan Levey Projects include:


Don’t Love Me Too Much
Death or Glory (Death or Glory: Abstract Structures)
Without You Baby, There Ain’t No Us (with Comenius Roethlisberger)
In God We Trust (with Comenius Roethlisberger)


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