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Pic Nic the Streets

If you happened to be in Brussels today come down and support the flashmob “Pic Nic the Streets”. The event created by Brusselois Philippe Van Parijs takes after a former citizens’ initiative that took place in 1971 to rid the car park that was in the center of the city’s town square.

This year Van Parijs is calling for :

- more green and safe quality public space
- more space for strolling, cycling or simply sitting, and less for cars
- fresh, clean air for ourselves and our children
- a downtown designed for humans, no longer only for cars
- a central boulevards to feel proud of
- the Place De Brouckère(plein) and Place du Bourse (Beursplein) as true city squares

Brussels town square before the ’71 protest

Boulevard Anspach, the vein of traffic that cuts the city in two

First giant Pic Nic the Streets in front of La Bourse – Boulevard Anspach :: Sunday June 10th from 12 to 14 pm


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